YELP REVIEW: “prompt & professional services…” -We are truly pleased with the work


Big Bark Out and our highest recommendation for Devren & his crew.   The stress of remodelling can be high and our stress was elevated as My doghouse is over 100 years old.  

Devren and his crew relieved much of the stress with their prompt & professional services.  We also found them to be among the most reasonable of the quotes we received.  

The work they performed was very diverse, everything from upgrades to our main panel, to installing new & moving circuits & outlets, to installing new fixtures.

None of the work seemed too small or too large for them and they adapted well to the “issues” that come up with working on such an old house. Always staying within the advance quotes and the time frames. Very important as we had other contractors scheduled around the completion of the electrical.

We are truly pleased with the work they did and will go straight to them for additional electrical work