YELP REVIEW: “even with 4 other quotes and they were by far the best price that I got…” – Great Job Electric Lee!


Devren and his team at Electric Lee just installed an add-on solar system to my existing system.They gave me a very good price even with 4 other quotes and they were by far the best price that I got. I gave them a challenging task of adding an additional 16 of the 310 Watt LG 2 Neon panels on my roof that was already filled with 24 solar panels on the southern side of my roof.  

So I added an additional 5KW system onto my existing 4.2 KW solar system. They installed the 16 new panels on the only area I had available on the roof which was the northern side. The installed some extenders that allowed the panels to tilt up and catch the sun from the south and a little from the west.

They did a quality installation including a new electrical panel, they also gave me a very reasonable price on adding a couple of additional outlets I requested in the garage for an electric car and an outlet that connects to the bottom of my SMA inverter that allows me to plug into my solar during any SDG&E blackouts at the flip of a couple switches.

They also went the extra step to paint the electric poles to match the exterior of my house and to paint the electrical pole on the roof to match my roof tiles. They didn’t stop working even with some light rain and drizzle they were determined to finish on time and did. Great Job Electric Lee! ¬†Will definitely recommend you to friends and co-workers.