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A Basic Introduction to Southern California Solar Installers

Commercial Solar San Diego Installer

Commercial Solar San Diego installers are not hard to find. Alternative Energy Companies Southern California are pushing the United States for alternative energy installation.

San Diego Commercial solar installation is a powerful way for you to instantly add more money to your bottom line. By powering your business for a fraction of the cost of a typical power utility bill, with solar energy, and selling the excess energy back to the energy companies. Then you can set out making your vision a reality today, with the best San Diego Commercial solar installation in SoCal.

On the outside, it feels like a simple decision to make, but not all business deliver the same solar energy build, rates, or package deals.

Just before you get going on your intrepid solar energy quest, this write-up aims to enable you to choose the finest solar installer by realizing the best of the best, so you recognize you are really getting a good deal.


  • Solar panels that give you the most bang 
  • Buy or Lease? What’s right for your business?
  • How to get the best deal on solar in Southern California
Commercial Solar San Diego

Commercial Solar San Diego - The Right Solar Panel

Commercial Solar San Diego

Making sure that the company you hire is using the right solar panels is paramount.

You need to know that those solar panels are going to last, rain, wind, or snow when you go with a commercial solar installer in San Diego.

Make sure they are using American made components (and German). From what we have seen they tend to need less maintenance in the long run, and have fewer issues, opposed to other modules and overseas brands.

We specifically know that the large solar manufacturers here in America do in-house testing, and third party testing before the panel ever sees your home or business. This ensures a minimum 25-year lifespan of the product.

Although they do tend to cost more, you get a better quality product overall. 

To be fair we think you should know that doesn’t mean that there aren’t well made solar panels from other countries, but from our experience, it seems like solar panels from America do better, and last longer.

Start Saving Today!

Use Less Energy Save More Money.


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With a solar lease, you do not own the solar panel system on your property. The property can be encumbered with “The Fixture” conditions within the contract.

The Fixture contract( although officially solar energy companies that do this are not referring to it as an encumbrance), puts an encumbrance on the modules the solar power service provider owns on your property.

Those solar panels are bolted on your roof, which effectively puts red-tape on the selling of your property.

You can not transfer ownership of the solar panels on your property in an easy way.

The Fixture AKA the solar panels are connected to your roof, which is attached to your business, and either you pay to get them taken off, or you pay to own them.

The solar energy company that is leasing you the solar panels own the modules. On the upside, they will maintain your solar panel system.

However the solar panel company is entitled to the rebates, tax breaks, and incentives that are available for the solar panel system that is on your roof. Which would usually go to the business owner?

The tax credits and other financial incentives belong to the owner of the system as well ( not you ) if you sign a solar lease or solar PPA.


By having the best solar power service provider guiding you to fund your solar panel installation with their funding partner in position, you can have your cake and eat it too.

If and when you decide to sell your business you can sell your property, and it will transfer to the brand-new owner way more seamless than if you encumber your property with a PPA.

  • Get all the incentives
  • Increase your business property value
  • Sell surplus power and get checks

In many cases, you will still be able to have the solar panel system no money down due to the new financing options for California.

These new green energy program ere to help property owners start their new solar components and start saving.

These new alternative power programs are here to help property owners get into their new solar modules and start off saving.

4 Sons Solar Electric, who offers an incentive program to business owners by giving them dealer, discounted rates, always recommends you buy your panels outright, with their partner program you can still receive your solar panels no money down, and with very low financing rates. There is no reason not own your solar panels if you qualify with 4 Sons Solar Electric.

The Best Of The Best Of Solar Energy - 4 Sons Solar Electric

Looking for the best deal on Solar Panels? 4 Sons Solar Electric offers wholesale solar panels, and dealer discounted rates right to homeowners.

The Summary

  • Get the best pricing on solar panels with 4 sons solar electric
  • American and German made components seem to do better overall.
  • It's better to buy than to lease, you can still get your solar panels no money down.

“We use American and German made components, no money down Hero financing with lowest qualifying rates. Our goal is to help you lower your energy bill while increasing the value of your business with solar panels you own. Bringing you the best of the best that solar energy can offer you, that’s the 4 Sons Solar Electric Revolution. Call Now, or fill out the form for a free analysis.”


At first, we thought it would be February 15 when we could start turning on the solar system. My wife was so happy when “4 Sons Solar” finished the project (21 panels and one

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On time. Worked on Saturday. Very nice person. Would hire again.

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